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National Bingo Day on 27th June has long been a part of the culture of the USA but we have now adopted it as an official Awareness Day* in the UK. It will take place on the same day as it’s US counterpart but, rather than it just being a fun excuse to play bingo, there is a rather good reason for supporting this day.

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Why will we celebrate National Bingo Day?

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closures of entertainment venues and sadly some bingo halls will not reopen. It is hoped though that National Bingo Day will give a much-needed boost to the industry.

So who is organizing National Bingo Day?

Back in March, Mecca Bingo and Buzz Bingo decided to adopt National Bingo Day here in the UK. You probably know that both of these brands have many bricks & mortar venues that they, naturally, want to help recover. They have the support of the National Bingo Association (well they are one and the same almost it seems when you look at the list of people on the board of directors but let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of who is who and what the reasoning is behind pushing for National Bingo Day to be a thing) and I think we all agree that anything which promotes bingo, be it in a bingo hall or online, is a great idea!

What is happening on National Bingo Day?

Well we presume Mecca and Buzz will be promoting their in-club events soon. We have found that the National Bingo Game which is played across the UK has a huge £100,000 guaranteed prize money on the day itself. Members of their clubs can head on in to join in National Bingo Day fun as the clubs are open once again and Covid safe.

Want to play bingo online?

We will continue to update this page as we find more brands joining in with National Bingo Day but so far we have:

Bucky Bingo

Bucky Bingo National Bingo Day Promotion

Bucky Bingo are holding a National Bingo Day Tournament with the chance to win a share of £10,000. They have games playing between 14th and 23rd June where the jackpots are awarded as tickets to the Final Room Games. These Final Room Games take place from 24th June to 27th June. Don’t worry if you don’t win any tickets to these games with the big cash prizes as bingo tickets can still be purchased on the day. Full Ts&Cs Apply and these can be viewed  on the promo specific page over at Bucky Bingo.

Want to know more about Bucky Bingo? Then head over to our in-depth Bucky Bingo Review page where we tell you more about this great brand.

Bucky Bingo



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