Olympic Bingo Games and Promotions

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Rio Olympics 2016The 2016 Olympics are well underway, don't miss the Olympic Promotions from the Best Bingo Sites

The last Olympic games took place in London and we all loved it. This year, the games have headed to Rio but we're still gripped as a nation. 

And it's no wonder! At this present moment Great Britain are in second place in the medal standings. This is so amazing for such a small nation, just showing we have some of the best sports people out there.

Of course, any huge event like this means our Bingo Sites all get on board. They have some fantastic promotions and here's the best of them.


Going For Gold at 888 LadiesGoing 4 Gold at 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies have some great jackpots and ticket prices in their Going 4 Gold Games. Games are as follows:

21st August 21.30 - 15p tickets - FH £1,000, 2L £600, 1L £300, 1TG £100

27th August 22.00 - 20p tickets - FH £1,500, 2L £800, 1L £400, 1TG £300

28th August 21.45 - 5p tickets - FH £300, 2L £150, 1L £50 - MOBILE ONLY

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Olympic Wink Games Wink Games Huge Jackpots

5 Liners Competition - Room Open 15th - 21st Aug, 5pm to 11pm, Tickets 5p. Get 1 point for every 5 Line Win...top the leader board at the end of the week and leaders get prizes as follow: Gold - £500, Silver - £300, Bronze - £200

They have a slots event running 22nd to 28th August and also a huge Grand Finale 90-Ball game on 28th August at 8pm with a massive £3,000 jackpot!

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Bingo Champion at Bet365Bingo Champion All-Winners Finale at Bet365

To join the All-Winners Finale game you can either win tickets in the run up or simply buy them. Maximum 40 tickets per player. Full House prize is an amazing £4,000 Luxury Holiday of your choice.

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£10k Speedy Sprint at BetfredThe £10k Speedy Sprint at Betfred!

Play in the 50s Diner Room on 20th August. Tickets are 10p but there is £10k up for grabs!  Usual 90 Ball games play every 6 minutes but Betfred have speeded up the games to make it a true sprint. A new game plays every 2 1/2 minutes and games play from 19.00 right through until 22.59.

Maximum tickets is 72 per player per game.

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Speedy Sprint at PaddyPaddy's got a Speedy Sprint too!

20th August at 7pm. 100 Games with £100 to be won in each. Plays in the Crystal Room on mobile, tablet or desktop. 

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City is Ready for RioReady for Rio at City Bingo

There's barely any time left to earn tickets but they can be purchased for £2 in the lobby. The game plays Tuesday 16th August at 9pm and the prize is £500 of Sports Direct Vouchers. 

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Mecca Speedy SprintAnother Speedy Sprint at Mecca

Playing in Mecca's Turbo Gold Room on 20th August, it's more speed bingo. Not for the faint-hearted but with £10,000 to be won between 7pm and 11pm it's well worth joining in.

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