One Less Bill to Pay in 2012

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How do you fancy having One Less Bill to Pay in 2012?

Well that is a dream that could come true courtesy of Jackpotjoy Bingo.  Play Bingo the January Jamboree and you could see your favourite gaming site boost your bankroll for a whole year!

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11 Winners will have bills paid!

Each different bill has a challenge attached to it.  Simply use the table below to help complete the challenge to earn an entry to the prize draw.  On January the 16th, Jackpotjoy will pull eleven names out of the hat and pay the following bills for 2012...

Bill Value Challenge - to earn 1 entry
Mortgage £500 per month Deposit £20
Family Holiday £3,000 cash Wager £10 on Tiki Island or Tiki Temple
Food Shopping £200 per month Enter Wonderland’s Tea Party Bonus Round
Utility Bills £175 per month Buy six tickets for the New Year Sparkle
UK Family Outings £150 per month Enter a Jungle Jump Bonus Round
Council Tax £100 per month Play a hand of Blackjack
Car Insurance £1,000 cash Take a spin £10 on Roulette Splendide
Credit Card Bill £75 per month Buy max in the Bingo Lounge
Mobile Phone Bill £50 per month Enter a Houdini Bonus Round
Car Tax Bill £280 cash Buy Max in Monopoly Snap!
Games Fund £30 per month Play Doubly Bubbly every day