Online Bingo for the Deaf

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Online Bingo for the DeafFrom an early age I was introduced to playing Bingo by my favourite Auntie.  My auntie Susan is one hell of a ballsy woman and does not let the fact she is deaf hold her back from having fun.

She would take me once or twice a week to her local deaf club to play Bingo.  It was an amazing place with a lot of fantastic activities for them to do - indoor bowling, dominos, darts, friendly sports games (Deaf and Hearing), outings and bingo.

Although the bingo room was pretty small it was suitably set up so everyone could see the LCD machine with huge red numbers.  It was great seeing Auntie Susan and all her friends having fun.  The were very competitive and they certainly didn't like losing.

So it was only fitting that I introduced my Auntie to Online Bingo.  It took a while to convince her but I bought her a laptop, we set up the internet connection and had her playing Bingo in no time.  When she is not playing Bingo at the deaf club you will often find her sat at the kitchen table playing bingo online.

The main things that she likes are:

  • talking to people online while the games are taking place,
  • pre-buying tickets so she never misses a big jackpot game,
  • the amazing offers (she has multiple accounts but Bucky Bingo is her favourite),
  • she can play anytime of the day.

Basically, all of the things she likes about online bingo are the same things I do.  Bingo really is for everyone - why not compare the best bingo websites.