Play the Irish Booze Cruise Chat Games

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Right now, it’s all fun and games at SING Bingo!

With the run up to St Patrick’s Day Sing have some very exciting Booze Cruise chat games which give you extra chances to win big prizes!

Whenever you enter a bingo room you’ll be given a Team Name from the Booze Cruise Bar (see the great list of names below).  For each bingo win you’ll collect 1,000 Sing points and gain one EMPTY BOTTLE for your team.  The team with the most amount of empty bottles at the end of the tournament wins 5,000 points for each roomie!

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Booze Cruise Team Names:

  • The Guinness Gamblers
  • The Baileys Brawlers
  • Bulmer’s Brigade
  • Jameson’s Giant Drinkers
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout’s

The Booze Cruise tourneys are played:

  • Monday's in the Winner takes it all between 9am and 11am,
  • Tuesday's in the Karaoke Nights between 10am and Midday,
  • Wednesday's in the Winner takes it all between 11am and 1pm

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