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Barlow's BingoIt's been reported in most of the morning papers including the Sun that singer Gary Barlow hosts bingo nights to entertain the tour crew before and after gigs. He's no novice either. Gary knows all the bingo calls and puts on a decent show. Gary said: "I used to be a bingo caller when I was first starting out.

"I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax. We call it Barlow's Bingo."

Gary has a long-standing love of bingo and dug out his dabbers for the tenth anniversary of his wedding to wife Dawn last year. I wonder if Gary and his wife play online Bingo?

He uses his own kit, which includes his own bingo machine, paper and dabbers and goes for it when he's doing his bingo calls - like the professionals.

The Take That star is a popular man with his crew and not just because of his evening entertainment.

He bought the 160 staff who have joined the band on the road a Samsung tablet computer each. A source said: "Gary is a generous man and wanted to show his appreciation for all their hard work. "It cost him a few bob but it was worth it after seeing the looks on the crew members' faces. "He's well into his technology and has said he's on hand to help with any queries about using the device."

Yesterday Gary was on a break from the tour, filming a second day of auditions in Birmingham in his new role as an X Factor judge. And he hadn't had to wait long to hear one of his own songs being performed by a contestant. Gary said: "It was quite strange on day one to hear one of my songs - The Flood - being sung. "But it's also very flattering and I guess I'll hear them sung in different ways and by different voices through the run."

Hopefully he won't be fed up with hearing them come the finals in December...

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