The Pippa Moss £10,000 Giveaway

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Mecca Bingo players will soon be hearing the New Voice of Mecca, Southend caller Pippa Moss after she was voted the 2011 Voice of

So to welcome and celebrate their new bingo caller Pippa Moss, Mecca present Pippa’s £10,000 Giveaway!

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In the past Mecca players may have been used to the distinctive voice of Bill in but from Tuesday 6th – 13th December you will hear the lovely new voice of Pippa.  During this time in all of the 90 Ball Bingo Rooms, on the hour, every hour you can play for Pippa’s Link-Up Specials.  Plus, there will be Pippa's Pukka Jackpots! - the daily £500 Jackpot Games!  in the Two Little Ducks and Dancing Queen bingo rooms throughout the evening.

  • Pippa’s Link-Up Specials: 7am – 11pm - On the hour, every hour in all 90 Ball Bingo Rooms.
  • Pippa’s Pukka Jackpots: Throughout the evening - The daily £500 Jackpot Games! in the Two Little Ducks and Dancing Queen bingo rooms.

So, to celebrate and welcome Pippa to Mecca bingo make sure you get involved.

Welcome Pippa!

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