Triple the value of your bingo tickets with Whack-A-Bingo at Coral

Paul Clare
Last updated on 21st Dec 2023 by Paul Clare

Savvy players will want to get involved with Coral’s Whack-A-Bingo promotion for the opportunity to win additional prizes from tickets bought in the Stadium Room, some of which cost just £0.05!


The Whack-A-Bingo mini-game awards prizes based on how many points you score in the mini-game, and these prizes are worth up to £0.15. This may not sound like a particularly huge deal, but bear with us…

These prizes are on top of whatever you win in the bingo room itself. Some of these games have pretty decent full-house prizes, so Whack-A-Bingo can be viewed as a tasty added extra.

Furthermore, Whack-A-Bingo tickets can be bought using your bonus funds, and the prizes come with no wagering requirements, so you can either keep what you win or stake it on something with a bigger prize. 

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How it works

Whilst this isn’t exactly a typical promo, claiming is fairly simple. Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Once registered and logged in, head to the Stadium Bingo Room at the appropriate time of day (see below) and buy yourself at least one ticket – which will cost between £0.05 and £0.15.
  • When prompted, choose to play the Whack-A-Bingo mini-game. The format will be familiar to anyone who has ever played the traditional whack-a-mole arcade game. 
  • Collect points for each target you hit. Every target hit within the allotted 30-second window is worth 5 points.
  • The amount you win will be dictated by the ticket price, as well as the number of points you’ve scored.
  • Any prizes won as part of the Whack-A-Bingo promo will be automatically credited to your account as cash at the end of the game.

The best way to use your winnings

As the winnings from this promo are paid in cash and come with no wagering requirements, they can either be withdrawn or re-wagered. 

With these cash prizes being relatively small (and with Coral’s minimum withdrawal limit set at £5), you might be best off re-wagering them and crossing your fingers for a bigger win.

For example, in another ongoing promo, Coral is running a bingo game with a whopping £150,000 prize pool and a £100,000 full house prize. Tickets cost just £0.10. 

Even the other prizes in this game range from £1,500 to £20,000. This means that lucky players could turn their Whack-A-Bingo win into a massive sum of cash. 

Terms and conditions

The Whack-A-Bingo promo is running up until the end of the year. Whack-a-Bingo can only be played once per bingo game – but there are still plenty of chances to play it.

There are several time windows in which the promo can be claimed each day. These windows last 56 minutes and begin at 00:00, 09:00, 13:00, 17:00, 20:00 and 21:00 each day.

To be eligible for this promo, players need to be aged 18+, the holder of a verified account, and accessing Coral’s website from a permitted country.

Tickets to the Stadium Room can cost as little as £0.05, but this increases to £0.10 or £0.15 depending on the schedule.

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Coral Bingo

Coral is a behemoth of the British gambling industry, with a solid brick-and-mortar high street presence, an expansive website, and a reputation for competitive sports betting odds. 

The dedicated bingo site, Coral Bingo, is also a winner, with 20 rooms, a thriving community, free daily games, and some eye-watering jackpot prizes.

Coral’s banking and customer support systems are also solid, with reasonable limits and timeframes, and a choice of contact options just in case you should ever need help. 

Coral’s other promos

In addition to the monthly £150k bingo game which can be played for just £0.10, mentioned above, and on top of December’s Whack-A-Bingo promo, Coral offers several other excellent bonuses.

For instance, the welcome bonus grants new players £40 in bingo bonuses for spending just £10, with a fairly reasonable 4x wagering requirement. Players who don’t have an account with Coral might want to take them up on this bonus, and remember that bonus funds can be used to buy Whack-A-Bingo qualifying tickets!

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Paul Clare
Last updated on 21st Dec 2023 by Paul Clare

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