William Hill's £900k Jackpot Share

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Play for a £900,000 Jackpot Bonus Share-Out every night between Monday 5th and Saturday 10th March in the Community Room between 8pm and 9pm!

Don't miss out on your chance to win big with the William Hill £900k Jackpot Share games, pre-buy tickets here for the next game coming up by clicking on the images below:

How do I win a massive jackpot?

Call Full House on a certain ball call number to pick up a bingo jackpot bonus prize and share it with your fellow roomies based on how many tickets you bought. The jackpot bonus amount depends on the number of balls called for Full House as below:

The three Jackpot Share-Out games will play at 8.04pm, 8.34pm and 8.58pm and payment will be made as a bingo bonus the next day. Tickets are 50p each and there's a £200 prize fund on each game.

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