Younger players turning to Online Bingo!

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The owner of Mecca Bingo has reported that there was a surge in profits in the last six months of 2011 and most of that is due to younger players turning to bingo in the recession. Bingo has always been a favourite past time among older people both in halls and online but now it is becoming trendy and 65% of Mecca's customers are under 35.

Rank Group, who own Mecca Bingo across 98 venues in the UK have reported that their customer base has increased by 7% to 770,000 in the last six months in 2011 to December 31st. The bingo unit is now in talks with Gala Casino about a takeover of their business due to increased success in the past two years though this is yet to be confirmed.

With spending cuts all across the UK and young people spending less money on drinking and going out the increase in bingo revenue is welcomed by the major players both online and in bingo halls. Content with meeting up with friends and having a gossip young people are now leaving their wild partying ways behind them.

Realising that revenue can be pushed towards a younger market Mecca Bingo are investing much of their profit into this new found market with later opening hours and games aimed at younger markets including rock and roll bingo in which numbers are replaced with song titles.

Another boost for the younger markets is the After Dark suite of games which are exclusively aimed at under 35s and marketed through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The After dark page at Mecca now has 100,000 followers and is one of the most exciting developments in years.

Other developments in the bingo world are the ability to play Bingo on your mobile.  If ever you want to play bingo while you are away from your laptop then why not play Mecca Bingo on your android mobile phone!

So, cancel your Saturday night plans, round up your best buddies and head down to your local bingo hall to win some cash and have a night of fun. It's set to be the next big thing.