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Welcome to Sky Bingo's "Lucky Numbers Bingo", it;s a standard 90 ball bingo game with an added lucky numbers Jackpot feature!

It's a bit like the national lottery, if you match one, two or three of your chosen lucky numbers with any of the winning balls, when you win on 1 line, 2 lines and/or a full house, you will win a Lucky numbers jackpot.

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How does it work?

Each game will work just like the standard 90 ball bingo game with the addition of these specific rules relating to the Lucky Numbers Jackpot feature:

  • A player must buy at least the minimum ticket purchase for the game. They will also be asked to select their lucky numbers
  • Players may save their selected lucky numbers, which will be used if they purchase tickets via the schedule view or in the next game
  • Players will have the option to change their saved lucky numbers if they have not purchased tickets for that particular game yet
  • As soon as a player purchases tickets via the standard ticket purchaser, the lucky numbers stated within that purchase are the one's given to them in that draw. There is no way of changing the chosen balls once a player purchases tickets from the standard "˜Ticket Purchaser' mechanism
  • Players are only eligible to win one Jackpot in any single game i.e. a player matching 2 balls will not win the Bronze Jackpot for matching 1 ball as well, they will only win the Silver jackpot.
  • Players who have purchased tickets via the schedule will be allocated the 3 lucky numbers that were saved at that particular point of purchase, or 3 random lucky numbers if none were saved.

Every time you win in the standard 90 ball game, the ball that is drawn when the 1 line, 2 lines or full house is won will be the Lucky Numbers Jackpot ball. If one, two or three of the numbers you select at the start of the draw match any of these balls, then you'll win an additional prize. Please refer to the game for Jackpot prize details.

If your lucky number is drawn before the 1 line, 2 lines or full house is won, it will be impossible to match with that number.

All Jackpot winnings will be credited at the end of the game. Remember if you join Sky Bingo today you are entitled to get a great £20 Sky Bingo welcome bonus

Ticket prices will range between 10p (minimum prize of £30) and 15p (minimum prize of £50). Room will be closed between 1am and 12pm.