Roll on Bingo - 10 Extra chances once FH has been called

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There's Extra Winners with Roll on Bingo - Have you got the balls?

That's the question on everyone's lips when brand new "Roll on Bingo" games are being played.  

From today (25th June-1st July) between 8-9pm you can play Roll on Bingo with Virgin where there are not just 3 winners, not 5 but a mega 13 CHANCES OF WINNING some prize money!  You'll not want to miss this, with game tickets costing just 5p and prizes of £60 up for grabs.

What is Roll on Bingo?

Typically the game is over when the full house has been called in the game of 90 ball bingo, but with roll on bingo it's different.  When the Full House has been won, the game will roll on and the next 10 winners of the full house will each receive a prize. 

The prizes

1 Line, 2 Lines and the first Full House call will receive a share of £50.  The next 10 winning full house shouts will each share a £1 which means more happy people in the room.

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