Ticket Top Up Wednesday

A fun day of BOGOF Bingo at William Hill on Wednesday's

Increase your chances of winning wirth BOGOF Bingo every Wednesday at Will Hill Bingo. 

The doors to the BOGOF room swing open at 10 am and the amazing "Buy One Get One Free" games begin! But the fun doesn't stop there...

Ticket Top Ups

At 5pm the serious BOGOF bingo offers begin and will see the free number of tickets rise as high as 23!  Don't miss Ticket Top Ups!

Every half an hour you will get to play one of a series of top-up games as follows:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Buy One Get Two Free
  • Buy One Get Three Free
  • Buy One Get Four Free
  • Buy One Get Five Free
  • Buy One Get 23 Free

Make sure you stop by the BOGOF Room every Wednesday!

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