Wink Bingo Sponsors Only Way is Essex

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Wink Bingo It almost seems that Bingo and TV sposorship goes hand in hand and why not, TV surely is the best way to promote the best bingo sites. The most well known sponsorships have to be the well established relationship tombola bingo has with Emmerdale and in the day time you will see Foxy Bingo supporting the Jeremy Kyle show (if your unlucky that is!).

So it is no surprise to see Wink Bingo have started to promote one of the best TV programmes with the surprise hit of the winter for ITV2 "The Only Way is Essex". This TV programme has made 'stars' of participants such as beautician Amy Childs and co-star Mark Wright, who seems to be making a name for himself through his off screen love life. It was Amy that brought us the concept of the 'Vajazzle' - and I will leave you to look that one up for yourselves.

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