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Same game different site?

Have you ever noticed that you see the same, or similar, games pop up on more than one bingo site? Chances are these are linked games and the games will be offered on every site in a particular bingo network. A bingo network is a collection of sites that can share many things; prizes and jackpots, software and sometimes even staff and player support.


What does this mean to bingo players?

Bingo LinxLinked Games

If you have ever played bingo in a club then you will have seen the huge cash prizes up for grabs in linked games. Linked games mean every club in the country joins in for that particular game and the winner could be Margaret in Newcastle or Susan in Croydon. Linked games online work in exactly the same way. The huge jackpot is there to be won by somebody playing on any one of the participating bingo websites.

Linked games can often be spotted simply by the high number of players in the game. 

Linked Chat

One of our favourite features of online bingo is the chat. In a club on the highstreet you have to stay quiet whilst the numbers are called. Online bingo changes all that and makes things much more sociable. You can chat to your heart's content as you don't have to pay attention to the numbers being called. You have an auto-dabber which means every number called on your ticket will be dabbed for you and you won't miss out on your chance at winning the prizes.

Some network-linked games share chat rooms across the participating bingo sites. This means you are in on the action with other bingo sites in real time. Got 1TG? You can tell everyone who is playing, not just the people playing on your chosen site.


Pre-Buy TicketsPre-Buy Tickets

With such huge jackpots on offer, most linked games have tickets available for Pre-Buy so if you see a game promoted, be it on Facebook or an email from your favourite bingo site then you can go buy your tickets there and then so you definitely won't miss out


More security for you

At BestBingoWebsites we give you the most trusted bingo sites that are out there. The bingo networks and bingo sites we list are all trusted, licenced and registered with the UK Gambling Association so you know your money is safe with these sites. We also only recommend sites that have good player support and deposit/ withdrawal processes.


The Networks

Click on one of the images below to find out exactly which of the bingo sites are part of that network

Virtue Fusion

888 Holdings Network



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