Five Celebrity Bingo Fans

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#1 – Mike Tyson

The self styled baddest man on the planet came by the nickname during his boxing pomp, when mention of his name was enough to frighten most mere mortals, let alone tough boxers. He didn’t mince his words as famously as he aimed to make mincemeat of his opponents, as is clear from his description of boxing tactics: ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face’. With that, anyone foolish enough to step in the ring knew that their preparation had been for little, as Tyson would knock their strategy out of them as surely as he aimed to strike them square in the face, for that’s ultimately what a fight is all about to a boxer like him.

All of this though is a little rich for the blood of BestBingoWebsites, and bingo in general, which is a much more sedate and sensible way to pass the time of day than trading blows with an opponent. But Tyson is here on merit, as he was as ruthless playing bingo as he was in dispatching other boxers. Underneath that hostile exterior and well disguised by his penchant for biting pieces of flesh off other people was just another bingo fan. We can just imagine him getting excited when his numbers came in, jumping up and down and waving his arms in glee, just like any other punter would. A misunderstood man both in and out the ring, he truly was the baddest man in bingo.

#2 – Ann Hegerty

We’re all about the contrasts here at BestBingoWebsites, and we can think of no more stark a difference than that which exists between Mike Tyson and Frosty Knickers herself. If you don’t know who she is, or think we’re being a little bit scandalous, her nickname really is Frosty Knickers, and we feel it fits her like a, well, er, you know…Anyway, she’s on The Chase if you’re still confused, which is a TV quiz show, where her simple task is to answer more questions correctly than do the competing members of the public. This she does with aplomb, as very rarely is she beaten.

Normally she gobbles up her opponents in a manner that would make Tyson blush, but at least they have bingo in common, for Hegerty is also a keen exponent of the game. Her ice cool focus and ease of dispatching anyone who dare face off against her lends her a ruthless streak that comes in very handy in bingo, which is really a duel between yourself and whoever else has the nerve to challenge you. Hegerty takes no prisoners or liberties, either on TV or in the bingo hall, so tread carefully if you see her in your gladiatorial bingo arena, as she won’t melt under the pressure.

#3 – Paddy McGuinness

Now we love a bit of Paddy here at BestBingoWebsites. He’s so hunky, and seems like just the sort of man you could take home to meet your mum. Now you might have a fight on your hands if your mum does lay eyes on him, but there’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to bring people together. We really feel that he’s a man of the people, our Paddy, and nothing makes us happier than having another night in front of the telly, while playing bingo as well of course, and settling in for another episode of Take Me Out. We used to consider this Paddy’s finest moment, but we’ve had to reconsider since his love of bingo came to light.

Paddy has now attained deity status at BestBingoWebsites, which has got nothing to do with him being from Bolton and having an accent as broad as Greater Manchester itself, but everything to do with him being an ambassador for Jackpotjoy. We love the way he points in the online adverts, and the fetching tie-pin he wears. He can do nowt wrong in our eyes, dear Paddy, as he seems to exude bingo. A man from up north playing a game with its roots up north is a match made in heaven, which unfortunately doesn’t really describe the couples he pairs up on Take Me Out. If only more of those singletons who go on it played bingo as a hobby, they’d be fighting off the date requests, as there’s no more a desirable trait than enjoying the bingo. Can you imagine playing a game against Paddy? It’s surely the stuff of dreams…

#4 – Joanna Lumley

A true broadcasting legend and the proud owner of an accent so rich and smooth you could gargle it. Perhaps you might even bathe in it. Perhaps Paddy is envious of it. Of course she’s a wonderful actress too, and her turn as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous was so nicely observed, you could have mistaken her scene stealing presence and commitment to debauchery at every turn as being the real her. We see enough over the top behaviour at the local bingo hall on a Friday night anyway, so we weren’t phased at the exploits of her drunken character. It’s all in a day’s work.

But nothing could be further from the truth so far as the real Lumley is concerned, as actresses are just pretending anyway. There’s nothing fake about her passion for bingo though, which is more overwhelming than Patsy’s pursuit of Champagne. Rumour has it that she used to retire to her trailer during breaks in filming Ab Fab to sneak in a quick game, if only to escape the clutches of her character. Luckily she’s not a method actor, so consumed by her role that even her time away from the set would have to have been spent behaving as Patsy. Bingo is far better for your health and reputation than throwing microwave ovens out of trailer windows before collapsing in a stupor, and is likely to get you in far less trouble. It’s all about enjoying the finer things in life you see, and both bingo and Lumley herself are amongst the very finest.

#5 – Craig David

The parallels between the king of garage and king of games – which is obviously bingo, if you didn’t know already – are quite obvious. Both started out on a surge of popularity that felt like it would never end, before fading from view as other fads came along. But we know that the cream always rises to the top, and David has once more secured his position in the pop game, much like bingo has seen off its own range of young pretenders. Both are cut from the same cloth, and occupy a similar position in the public eye. We’re fond of both, and would consider the world a worse place if either faded into permanent obscurity.

Bingo’s future is assured though, and with the success of 7 Days, David will never have to go back to spending all day in the bingo hall, or doing whatever it was he did when his star waned. We like to think he was playing bingo though, as his love for it is so strong that it influenced the original lyrics to his breakthrough hit. You know what pop music is like these days though, all bump and grind and sexy talk, so his record label advised him to come up with the more suggestive lyrics we all know 7 Days for. You must remember them: ‘I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were making love by Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday, we chilled on Sunday’. Don’t let that version kid you. Originally Craig and his new girl were playing bingo on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now that’s the best way to spend a nice few days getting to know someone new.


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