30 Ball Bingo

While 75 ball games are quick, they do not come much quicker than 30 ball bingo! 

It's the newest addition to the online bingo scene and presents bingo players with a brand new and exciting challenge. 

30 Ball bingo is fast paced and punchy and with the games being played out in a far shorter time frame, you can squeeze in much more!  This of course makes for far more chances to bag a win, as well as far more happy customers!

30 Ball Bingo Tickets

30 ball bingo tickets are laid out in a 3 lines by 3 lines fashion with all 9 squares always containing a number between 1 and 30. The first column always contains numbers from 1-10, the second column contains numbers from 11-20 and the final column of the ticket which contains numbers from 21-30!

Playing 30 Ball Bingo

To enter a game of bingo, a player must purchase atleast 1 card. When you have successfully purchased a ticket, it will be marked as "bought" and then you mark off the numbers* as they are called out at random.

How to Win at 30 Ball Bingo

At present 30 ball bingo is a simple game to win as you're just playing for a full house - cover all 9 numbers first.  To be fair there isn't much room for anything else, but I'm sure some of the bingo operators will find some great variations of 30 ball bingo to keep us entertained. Another positive is that the chance of winning the progressive jackpots is much higher than the 75 and 90 ball bingo versions as you only have to get your 9 numbers.

In the event of more than one player completing the Full House at the same time, the pot is shared between those winners.  If you are playing bingo for physical prizes, then there is often a cash alternative that will be shared.

* Numbers are typically marked off automatically in online bingo allowing the player to focus on other things such as talking to other players, side games or chat games.