75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is very popular in the north of America and can be adapted to make for some very exciting bingo games. 

The games tend to be very quick which is attractive to a lot bingo players who want to just play a lot of bingo.

75 Ball Tickets

75 ball bingo tickets are played on a 5x5 grid and you'll notice (in the example to the right) that every square will always contain a number between 1 and 75 with exception of the centre one which is FREE.

Playing 75 Ball Bingo

As with 90 ball bingo, you must purchase a single card.   In total you have 25 squares numbers on a ticket but you may not always need to clear them to get a win - that's what makes 75 ball bingo brilliant. When you have successfully purchased a ticket, it will be marked as "bought" and then you mark off the numbers* as they are called out at random.


How to Win 75 Ball Pattern Bingo

This is the exciting part as to win you will be asked to complete certain patterns, shapes or even lines.

Typically you play 75 ball bingo to complete a pattern/shape which is called at the start of the game (as directed here by the red arrow) and as the bingo numbers are called, you mark off the numbers* on your card in an order that, hopefully, creates the shape which was called at the start of the game.

Unlike 90 ball bingo, where there are three separate prizes, when you play 75 ball for a pattern there is only one prize which is awarded to the person who marks off the shape first! In the event of more than one player completing pattern or shape at the same time, the pot is shared between those winners. If you are playing bingo for physical prizes, then there is often a cash alternative that will be shared.

* Numbers are typically marked off automatically in online bingo allowing the player to focus on other things such as talking to other players, side games or chat games.