90 Ball Bingo

While there are many versions of bingo, 90 ball bingo is still the most common and most loved version that's played in the UK, and the majority of Europe.


90 Ball Tickets

90 ball bingo tickets are made up of 3 lines (see the card to the right for an example), with each line consisting of 5 unique numbers and 4 blanks.  There are 15 numbers in total on each card between 1 and 90. The first column always contains numbers from 1-9, the second column contains numbers from 10-19, the third column contains numbers from 20-29 and so on, all the way through to the final column of the ticket which contains numbers from 80-90!

Playing 90 Ball Bingo

To take part in a game of 90 ball bingo you must purchase a single card which is always part of a strip.  A strip consists of 6 cards and covers all of the numbers used from 1-90 (6 cards x 15 numbers = All 90 numbers). To enter a game of bingo, a player must purchase atleast 1 card.  When you have successfully purchased a ticket, it will be marked as "bought" and then you mark off the numbers* as they are called out at random.

How to Win at 90 Ball Bingo

Although bingo sites are becoming more and more inventive there are typically 3 chances to win:

  • 1 Line - The winner is the first player to complete any 1 line on a single card (5 Numbers horizontally)
  • 2 Lines - The winner is the first player to complete any 2 lines on a single card (2 sets of 5 numbers horizontally),
  • Full House - The shout all bingo players strive for, as this tends to be where you will win the greatest prize.  The winner is the first player to complete all three lines.

In the event of more than one player completing the 1 line, 2 lines or Full House at the same time, the pot is shared between those winners.  If you are playing bingo for physical prizes, then there is often a cash alternative that will be shared. * Numbers are typically marked off automatically in online bingo allowing the player to focus on other things such as talking to other players, side games or chat games.