Bingo Chat Games

A big part of the fun playing online bingo in the comfort of your own home is the chat rooms.

Each chat room is hosted by a chat moderator (CM) and it's their job to ensure that everyone who is playing bingo is having a fun time.  They monitor the chat room facilities and are generally the first point of contact for players.  They are not there to be abused!!! In addition to providing the bingo chat rooms with fun and laughter, the CM's will also be responsible for running any "chat games" and this is where the fun really begins.

Earn Bonus Bingo Funds playing Chat Games

Playing the chat games is a great way of competing with your fellow players and earning some free bingo bonuses.  The type of games and bonuses will vary from site to site but they are always good fun! They often also make up for not winning that full house, 1TG or 2TG prize.

In the coming months we aim to work close with some CM's to provide some information that may support you with chat games.