Do I need to sit and watch my bingo tickets play?

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I've always wanted to play online bingo, but do I always have to sit there and watch my tickets play?

I was shocked recently when speaking to a friend that this was main reason she hadn't signed up to play online bingo. 

She has always been attracted by the amazing offers and prizes but she didn't always have the time to sit and watch the game play. 

She wasn't aware that most bingo sites allow you to pre-buy tickets, which is great just in case you can not make it at the time the game is played.

It's like playing the Lottery

I found the easiest way to explain it was to compare it to playing the lottery.  Most people who play the lottery no longer tune in to the live draws, they simply buy the ticket at a time which suits them and then check the results at a later date.  The same applies with online bingo:

  • You visit the shop (or bingo site in this case) at a time which suits you,
  • You can pre-buy tickets ahead of a game being played,
  • You can then choose be present when the game plays, or visit after the event to check the result.

Can you win if you are not in the room?

Sure you can.  It can be quite common (sometimes frustrating) when playing bingo that the winner is not present.  They might be hopping between rooms to maximise the number of games they can play or may have pre-bought the tickets well in advance which is something you can do too.

It's a wonderful feeling to log on to your account and see that your funds have increased due to a win.  This has happened to me on many occasions.

Trustworthy Sites

You're right to be worried about the trustworthiness of a bingo site.  Here, we only promote the Best Bingo Websites so you can rest assured that they are all trust worthy.  In fact, here are some we would highly recommend:

Are there any exceptions?

Like anything there are some exceptions to the rule.  You may be expected by some sites or perhaps some promotions to play the game.  From time to time you may not be able to pre-buy tickets and have to buy them just before the game starts.


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