Escape the heat by playing Bingo

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Non Sun lovers play BingoNot everybody likes the hot weather?

I know it's mad... 

We've had yet another long and horrible winter and some of the coldest days I've known during my 33 years on this planet.  So you would think, like most people that I would have loved the chance to get my top off and lay about in the sun!

No, the heat was unbarable - not just for me but for my little ones.  So we spent a lot of time in doors trying to avoid sun burn and heat strokes.

I wasn't alone...

So while we spent a number of hours in the living room watching tele, or camped around the dining room table doing arts and crafts (anything to keep the kids entertained for a while) it appears high volumes of bingo lovers were jumping online to play their favourite game.

It might seem crazy to some but despite the soaring temperatures yesterday, we saw an increase in the number of players signing up to a new Bingo account!?  So we asked some of them why?

It was just too hot!

20% of the people we spoke to were simply looking for excuses to get out of the sun, "It was just too hot" said Tracey, "I needed to get out of the sun and after looking at Facebook for a while, I signed up to Paddy Bingo". 

Judith said "I just had to get her kids back in the house", so while they played in their bedroom with friends, she jumped online to find out where the best bingo games were being played.  "It was nice to get an hour to myself"

So it's made us think, what else can we do to avoid the sun this Summer?

5 activities to keep you out of the sun!

  • Swimming - Finding an indoor pool might be a great way to cool down after spending time in the sun.
  • TV - A long episode of Scooby Doo kept my little one entertained for an hour or so and much needed time out of the sun.
  • Gazebo - Investing £15-£20 on a Gazebo from Argos or perhaps a little tent would be a great way of keeping out of the sun.
  • Indoor Activities - Going to the cinema, bowling or even Ice Skating might kill a few hours. 
  • Driving - Air conditioning might be needed but a long journey

And if my neighbour you are crazy, you could spend the day cleaning the house...  oh dear - things must be bad!



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