Penny Bingo

Penny Bingo, as the name suggests, is bingo where the cost is just 1p per ticket.

You may not think that a penny can get you a lot these days, but this is why online bingo sites and penny bingo in particular has become so popular with players that don’t want to spend a fortune - just have some fun and perhaps win a cash jackpot. The cash prizes for these games are not always big, but bingo is also about fun and meeting new bingo friends too.  You'll never find as many players in each room as you do when you play free bingo, so there are always more chances to win.

Prize Bingo for a Penny

There are many great new bingo brands popping up such as Fancy Bingo who have become renowned for amazing prize bingo for the super cheap price of 1p a ticket. Check out their monthly "FANCY THAT" games which take place every Saturday at 8pm and see what amazing prizes they have on offer from only 1p!  Fancy a bit of that then, do you?

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Penny Bingo with £50 Guaranteed Jackpots

Our friends at Sing Bingo offer 5 great Penny Bingo games every day with £50 in prizes guaranteed!  The games are spread throughout the day so you'll surely be able to play at least one! 

  • The Red Eye - Plays at 10am
  • Eatin's Cheatin' - Plays at 1pm
  • The Warm Up - Plays at 4pm
  • The Opening Number - Plays at 7pm
  • The Encore - Plays at 11pm

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