Prize Bingo

Playing online bingo you will come to expect huge cash prizes and plenty of them but did you know that most of the best bingo sites will also offer you the chance to win some amazing prizes such as:

  • Holidays
  • Top of the range electrical goods
  • Free Bingo for a year

Bingo sites are very creative and will offer these sorts of prizes in a variety of ways.  They may be a standard prize for a line, 2 lines or a house, a prize draw, part of a promotion or even a bingo loyalty scheme. When you play for such special prizes, the site may have specific wagering or gaming requirements, so ensure that you meet these before you start playing the game.

What happens if there is more than one winner in prize bingo

Unfortunately, a physical prize as listed above can not easily be split between multiple winners.  It is also doubtful that they will offer each winner the main prize.  What you will find is that there is typically always a cash alternative to the prize on offer which can be beneficial in a few ways

  1. You can guage the value of the game,
  2. You can decide to take the cash altenative instead of the item you win,
  3. If there are multiple winners, then they will share the cash alternative

We would always suggest you take a quick look at the terms and conditions of the prize on offer.