Speed Bingo

One of the frustrations I sometimes hear from bingo players is that a game can last so long - the bingo caller appears as if he is almost calling the numbers in reverse...  So what can we do?

Play Speed Bingo!

There are a few forms of speed bingo and it can involve a number of the different types of games.

  • 90 Ball Speed Bingo - Typically the game is quicker because the speed at which the balls are being called is increased.
  • 75 Ball Bingo - 75 ball bingo is normally quicker than the standard 90 ball game for 2 reasons - there are less balls for a start, and the games are typically played for a single one off pattern.
  • 30 Ball Bingo - The game is also known by some as Speed Bingo with only 9 balls needed to call a house, it can be over in an instant.  Meaning a quick turnover of games and more winners.