The Criteria To Compare Bingo Sites

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Everyone everywhere seems to be trying their luck with online bingo but there are so many bingo providers out there that it can be confusing to compare bingo sites. Yes there are a lot of bingo review sites out there that can help but you really need to know what you should be looking out for and we are going to reveal all.

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Bingo players are nowhere near hardened casino gamblers that are trying to scoop a big win and run while they are on top. Instead bingo players are more in it for the entertainment value and if a win comes up that’s lovely. With this in mind the actual player experience is really quite important and that boils down to a key point to look out for. The bingo software used is the main thing that determines the fun, experience and game-play of any bingo site. This may sound hard to judge but in fact many sites use the same software and some even share the players over so called “fluid” software networks. This means that if a small bingo site uses the software of a leading vendor the players often participate in games with a different lick of paint that are actually held on multiple sites. This enriches the experience of smaller sites by enlarging the community and adding more funds to pooled jackpots. On the other hand big brands have no need or desire to share players since they have huge player pools already. 

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Irrespective of this though the software and the fun from online bingo does depend on the design, features and community of the software and there are a few names you should look out for. Virtue Fusion, Microgaming and Dragonfish are among the best but don’t be put off by sites that offer in-house software too as these can sometimes offer the best experience that is tailored from the ground up. In with the experience comes support options and the best bingo sites will have freephone numbers, emails and FAQ sections which mustn’t be overlooked.

Another key point to finding a good provider is the deals they offer. Let’s not kid ourselves everyone loves a good deal and some sites offer free bingo no deposit required and others will triple or quadruple your initial deposit or combine offers. Reload bonuses, ongoing deals, VIP clubs for loyal members are all on offer at various sites and a many do a lot of themed deals around Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.

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The final key point players should look out for is the dream factor. Jackpots on some sites have rolled into 7 figures before and many have regularly published 6 figure progressive jackpot winners. The dream factor is key and can be half of the game. After all when we buy our lottery tickets we have little chance of winning, but there is a chance and that small outlay often buys us a lovely dream even if we haven’t won yet!

So to sum it up what you should be interested to find out is the quality of the bingo experience, the bonuses and sign up incentives on offer and also the jackpots that are available. If you have all of that nailed then you are probably on to a winner.

This now leaves a big question mark in our minds; with over 300 bingo sites available how on earth do we easily compare bingo sites to find a good one that meets the above criteria? The answers to this question plus many more can be found on bingo review sites like Fantasy Bingo as they list all the relevant details with recommendations. Now you know the secret sauce to finding a good bingo site the rest should be easy.


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