Tips for New Online Bingo Players

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Being successful playing online bingo does require a certain degree of luck, but it’s certainly not only luck that is involved!

To be a winner playing one of the most popular pastimes also requires some skill, technique and a few helpful tips from us won't go amiss. 

As you gain experience and confidence, you will become far more aware of

  • where to play,
  • when to play,
  • how much to spend
  • and how much to try and win!

Here are some tips and tricks to help new players get started:

Practice For Free

Take full advantage of free bingo offers! - The popular game can be played without you spending a single penny of your own money.  Free bingo is very common but sometimes hard to find, but don't worry we will provide you with the tools to find them:

  • No deposit Bingo Sites  - Some Bingo sites will offer you a no-deposit bonus on signup so you can play for free without needing to make a deposit.
  • Free Bingo Period - Some sites will offer "Newbie Rooms", a special area dedicated to players that have just joined.  This will offer a certain number of FREE Bingo days where you could win real cash prizes*.  

You will find that once you have joined a bingo site that the free bingo doesn't stop there.  Most sites continue to offer free bingo games, but expect these rooms to be full.

Avoid Unreputable Sites

Unfortunately bad sites exist, infact there are more than 300 online bingo sites in the UK.  We carefully select the partners we work with, so we can support you finding a good one.

Pick a Site that Pays You to Play

Look for free money, welcome offers and deposit match bonuses and other .  A deposit match bonus means that if you make a deposit of say £10 into your online account, the site will match that £10 so you have a total of £20 to play with.  FREE MONEY!

Take advantage of any and all free offers as these are ways of making money playing online bingo.

Look for Bonus Games

Many bingo sites offer bingo bonuses and promotions.  Games that will allow you to save money or perhaps increase your chances of winning, such as

  • Buy 1 bingo ticket and get more free with variations of BOGOF bingo games,
  • Carry on winning after the Full House has been called with the all new "Roll on Bingo" games,
  • Earn cashback on your bingo losses,
  • Plus much more

You'll find that online bingo sites are very inventive with promotion and here at Best Bingo Websites we aim to keep you informed with them all. So keep following the site, and join us on facebook


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